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It was all down to Benjamin....

Handcrafted in 1952, this piece was made for a child's nursery by their father. The detail and craftmanship is exquisite. The back of the chest is made from original 1950's drinks crate boxes and the rest very heavy solid wood. The drawers had the child's name written in pencil "Ben"

I wanted to bring "Ben" in to the 21st century and create in to a fine gentlemen. It took hours to prep him, and paint him and turn a creative "thought" into real life. Once he was finished I was obsessed. He sits in my lounge and I feel proud everytime I look at him.

There will be a piece that does that for you and once you start you won't want to stop. This is what happened to me. And then Flipped and Vintage was created from my shed.....

Benjamin the fine gentlemen's Flip Journey.

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